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For Native English Speakers

Mindfulness Fundamentals
a secular exploration of Mindfulness
tools and applications

(being taught in English to speakers of English)

Course Trainer : Doris Göhl

trained at the CFM (Center for Mindfulness) at UMASS (University of Massachusetts)

Dates: please see below

Orientation (required for enrollment, no charge)
Contact: Doris Goehl, E-Mail: doris.goehl@gmx.de, Phone: 02641-3968885

„What is it you plan to do with your
one wild and precious life?“
This verse from Mary Oliver`s poem „The Summer Day“ might invite you to
step out of a robot-like way of managing life and embrace life fully instead.
„In our non-stop world of 24/7 connectivity and the attendant stress from living with continual time
acceleration in addition to all the other pressures we face in life, mindfulness is more urgently
needed and potentially more beneficial now than ever before.“
Jon Kabat-Zinn

The practice of Mindfulness offers clarity and wisdom,
peace of mind and insight.

The power of Mindfulness can
* reduce stress
* increase the ability to focus
* replenish energy and enhance creativity
* restore well-being
* improve resilience
* help to find inner freedom in a mindful life.

Mindfulness can change our life from the inside out.
With Mindfulness we can find peace in a frantic world.

Course Description

MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) was founded 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Based on ancient mindful meditation he developed his program as a complement to medical treatment at the UMASS (University of Massachusetts) Medical Centre, activating the inner healing power of patients through mindfulness. Many studies have been conducted meanwhile and have proved the benefits of mindfulness practice not only for people with psychological and physical ailments, but also to improve relationships at homes, schools, workplaces. Meanwhile it has spread to all spheres of life: from the health system, where it started from, to the justice system, field of education, business and work life. There are courses for mindful leadership and creativity. Recently neuroscientists of the University of Toronto acknowledged: The training of Mindfulness leads to more accurate observation and clarity of perception. With Mindfulness you can see things as they really are.

Course Intention

Mindfulness helps us to wake up to our lives.
We have lost quiet time, we have lost contact with ourselves, because we can`t sit quietly and don`t know how we are feeling in any given moment. Teaching Mindfulness is a way of bringing back these opportunities to experience a sense of calm awareness in the midst of daily chaos and noise that are around us. Teaching Mindfulness is mind training, paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally so to cultivate friendliness and loving kindness towards ourselves and others. In this practice we notice the permanent movements of our mind, we learn to bring our mind gently back into the present moment, so waking up from thoughts, fantasies and worries.
As Mark Twain once put it „My life has been filled with terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.“

This training offers:

- Mindful Body-Scan, Sitting and Walking Meditation, mindful Yoga
- Breathing practice to become still and centered
- Loving Kindness Meditation
- Learning about Stress and Stressors and responding to stress
- Mindful Listening and Communicating
- Sharing your experience with the group
- 8 weekly 2,5 to 3-hour meetings and one intensive day in silence
- Cd`s with guided meditation to practice on your own
- a comprehensive manual


Praxis für Achtsamkeit, Meditation und Stressbewältigung
Clemens-August-Str. 17, 53115 Bonn

Course Trainer:

Doris Göhl
Hello! My name is Doris Goehl and I am teaching Mindfulness, being trained at the CFM (Center for Mindfulness) at UMASS (University of Massachusetts) and by on-line courses of the University of California, Berkeley, „The Power of Awareness“ and „Mindfulness Daily“.
I used to be a teacher of German and English in Germany and of German as a foreign language at the University of the Western Cape and at Township Highschools in Cape Town.
Contact: Doris Goehl
E-Mail: doris.goehl@gmx.de
Phone: 02641-3968885

 Course Fundamentals

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8-week-course I  
March-06-2019 till May-08-2019 

(8 Dates á 2,5 Hours) 
Wednesday evening  6 pm – 8.30 pm

Orientation: February 15-2019  6 pm - 8.30 pm

Date 1:  March-06-2019 
Date 2:  March-20-2019
Date 3:  March-27-2019
Date 4:  April -  03-2019
Date 5:  April -  10-2019
Date 6:  April -  17-2019
Date 7:  April -  24-2019
Date 8:  May -  08-2019

Additional day:  April-13-2019 Saturday 10am-4pm

8-week-course II  
May-22-2019 till  July-10-2019

(8 Dates á 2,5 Hours) 
Wednesday morning  10am - 12.30am


Orientation: May-15-2019.  10am-1pm

Date 1:  May -22-2019 
Date 2:  May -29-2019
Date 3:  June-05-2019
Date 4:  June-12-2019
Date 5:  June-19-2019
Date 6:  June-26-2019
Date 7:  July -03-2019
Date 8:  July -10-2019

Additional day:  July-07-2019 Sunday 10am-4pm

8-week-course III
September 29 - 2019 till November 24 - 2019

(8 Dates á 2,5 Hours) 
Sunday evening  6pm - 20.30pm

Orientation: Sunday September-8-2019.  3 pm - 5.30 pm

Date 1:  September -29-2019 
Date 2:  October  -    06-2019
Date 3:  October  -    13-2019
Date 4:  October  -    27-2019
Date 5:  November  -03-2019
Date 6:  November  -10-2019
Date 7:  November  -17-2019
Date 8:  November  -24-2019

Additional day:  November-09-2019 Saturday 10am-4pm

Intensive Course in MBSR in English in Bonn 2019
July - August 2019

The 8-week-course is being taught concentrated within 6 days. (Two Weekends)
These 6 days include all what is taught once a week within 8 weeks.

Trainer: Doris Goehl

Orientation: Sunday July-07-2019 4.30 pm - 7 pm

First Weekend:
Lesson 1: Friday, 12-07-2019 6.00 pm - 8.30 pm
Lesson 2: Saturday, 13-07-2019 10.00 am - 12.30 am
Lesson 3: Saturday, 13-07-2019 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm
Lesson 4: Sunday, 14-07-2019 10.00 am - 12.30 am

Second Weekend:
Lesson 5: Friday, 09-08-2019 10.00 am - 12.30 am
Lesson 6: Friday, 09-08-2019 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm
Lesson 7: Saturday, 10-08-2019 10.00 am - 12.30 am
Training Lesson: Saturday, 10-08-2019 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm
Lesson 8: Sunday, 11-08-2019 10.00 am - 12.30 am

Course-fee: 370,00 Euro (tax included)

Please regard, that there will be an orientational talk with the trainer.
Contact via mobile phone (0171-3116150) or email (doris.goehl@gmx.de).

Praxis für Achtsamkeit, Meditation und Stressbewältigung Bonn
Clemens-August-Str. 17, 53115 Bonn


Zu den Wurzeln der Achtsamkeits- und Mitgefühlspraxis - Kurse
nicht nur für Buddhisten:

• Achtsamkeit
   (Selbst-) Mitgefühl und
   ihre Wurzeln im Buddhismus

• Achtsamkeit und Mitgefühl
   für sich selbst und andere

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